Big 5 Norway day hikes



Big 5 Norway Day hikes

Norway is our number one favourite country for day hikes. The large variety, the stunning views, the easy access to many of the hikes, the little lakes where you can take a swim, the many possibilities to free camp...

Even though there are hundreds of really great day hikes in Norway there are 5 that people go to from far away to discover - the Big 5 Norway Day hikes. One great thing about these hikes is that they are pretty close to one another. Check them out below!

Where in Norway are the Big 5 Norway hikes?

How difficult is the hike?

Very limited ascent/descent, mostly flat.
No tricky or nerve thrilling paths.
Low effort.

Moderate ascent/descent up to 500 metres of height.
No tricky or nerve thrilling paths.
Moderate effort.

Ascent/Descent up to 1,500 metres of height.
A few tricky and/or nerve thrilling paths.

Ascent/Descent more than 1,000 metres of height.
Several tricky and nerve thrilling paths.
Very streneous.

* Some part(s) involve steep

    climbing or cliff hangers that

    might be scary if you are

    afraid of heights. 

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During spring 2020 we will add round trips and day hikes in Sweden (randonée in Sylarna and Jämtlandstriangeln), Spain (Andalucia and Tenerife) and Asia (Bali/Singapore and China).

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