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View of Vernazza

Most people who visit Cinque Terre walk the coastal Sentiero Azzurro along the Mediterranean. This hike also includes the Via dell´Amore between Riomaggiore and Manarola. There are also some other really nice hikes to do in this area. Below we tell you more about three great hikes.

Sentiero No. 2 or Sentiero Azzurro

This is the most famous hike along Cinque Terre and most people coming here walk all the way from Monterosso to Riomaggiore or part of it. A really nice thing about this place is that you can take the train or boat between the villages if you get tired of walking. Either to the next village or all the way.

Starting/Finishing point: Monterosso/Riomaggiore

Distance: 12 kilometres

Length of time: 4-6 hours

Difficulty: Blue/Red

Water: Fill your bottles when you arrive in the villages

Shoes to choose: Trail running shoes or hiking boots

Monterosso pebble stone beach

Most of the walk is easy but there are some more tricky parts. The distances between the villages are

Monterosso to Vernazza: 3,5 kilometres

Vernazza to Corniglia: 4 kilometres

Corniglia to Manarola: 3 kilometres

Manarola to Riomaggiore: 1,5 kilometres along Via dell´Amore

You have to buy tickets for the hike and show these in every village you arrive in. This Treno Cinque Terre Card is also valid on the trains connecting the villages. It will cost you about 7,50 Euros (2020). You can buy it at all stations and the tourist offices.

The path along the coast between Riomaggiore and Cornigliga is from time to time closed due to risk of land slides. As for now the Via dell´Amore is closed until April 2021.

But don´t feel bad about that! You can walk part of the coastal path and then either take the train or boat on those parts closed.

Another option is to walk along the mountain ridge above Cinque Terre along Sentiero No. 1, a beautiful path from where you can walk down to each village if you like.

Sentiero No.  1

The main difference between Sentiero No. 1 and 2 is that Sentiero No. 1 requires some more effort since you have quite an ascent up to the mountain ridge. Walking up there will take you about one hour.

The advantage is that Sentiero No. 1 brings lovely views of the coast and passes by wineyards and farms cultivating lemon, olive and pomegranate. Not many tourists choose to go this path so don´t expect to meet a lot of people.

The path is pretty well signed all the way and if it feels too streneous you always have the option to take the train to the next village. This Sentiero has a lot of different numbers: 9, 8/b, 8, 7, 7a etcetera. Our advice is not to bother too much about that. Just walk along the path. If you are unsure about where to go, sooner or later you will cross the road passing on the mountain ridge and from there you can guide yourself in the right direction.

If you decide to take the path following the mountain ridge from Monterosso you will reach a convent at the top - Santuario di Nostra Signora di Soviore. There is a small café. We sat in the garden drinking coffée listening to a choir in the chapel. Magic!

Coffée break by the Santuario di Nostra Signora

bove Monterosso al Mare

Monterosso to Levanto

Levanto is a city north of Monterosso and you can easily go there by train in a few minutes. You can also do a lovely hike along the coast. This point to point hike can start either in Monterosso or in Levanto. We started in Monterosso and then took the train back after arriving in Levanto.

View of Monterosso from the north

Length: 8 kilometres (oneway)

Duration: 3 hours

Difficulty: Blue/Red

Water on the way: No

Shoes to choose: Trail running shoes or hiking boots

From Monterosso there is a rather steep ascent although the path is easy to walk and follow since there are stone steps all the way up.

Finally reaching the top you have the perfect view of all the five Cinque Terre villages. There are also ruins from a lighthouse and a chapel. Following the trail it then takes you through a pine forest with breathtaking views.

Approaching Levanto you have a really nice view of Levanto. Following the trail you finally reach the promenade along the beach in Levanto.

From the beach it is about 1,5 kilometres to the train station. It is not very obvious in which direction to go to find the train station so you might have to ask someone to give you the direction. Just knowing that you will then have no problem finding the train station.

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