Andorra Day hikes



Andorra Day hikes

Andorra is a small country squeezed in between Spain and France in the Pyrenées. Geographically Andorra is a small country and no matter where you choose to stay you have less than an hour to any part of the country. The capital Andorra la Vella is a contrast to the rest of the

country with lots of tax-free shops, tourists and cars.


Andorra is only 2 hours from Barcelona and Costa Brava which makes it a perfect destinations for a round trip in combination with exploring Cataluna.

Andorra is a really nice country for day hikes. There are three national parks and a lot of hotels and restaurants in different price classes. Andorra is not so well-known for hiking in summer time. It seems to be more of a winter destination. We have done two hikes in Andorra, in Valle de Sorteny and in Grau Roig, both equally nice but yet different from each other.

Where to stay?

You will find lots of hotels in the capital, Andorra la Vella. That is probably a good option if you want to do some shopping.

If you want a more relaxed stay another option is choosing one of the hotels in the smaller villages close to the national parks like El Serrat or Grau Roig. These hotels are also a bit cheaper.

We chose to stay at Grau Roig Andorra Boutique hotel which was nice. If you stay for more days than we did and do more hikes perhaps a better option would be to stay closer to El Serrat or Ordino.

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During spring 2020 we will add round trips and day hikes in Spain (Mallorca, Andalucia) and Asia (Bali/Singapore and China).

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