Grau roig/Pessons lake



Grau Roig/Pessons lake

Grau Roig in the Encamp region is close to the French border and is very different from Valle de Sorteny. This area is a famous ski resort in winter and you will pass some slopes and lifts in the beginning of this hike. There is also a hotel that is open in summer time at the start of the hike.

Starting/Finishing point: Parking in Grau Roig

Distance: 10 kilometres

Length of time: 2-3 hours

Ascent/Descent: +/-500

Difficulty: Blue

Water: Bring your own

Shoes to choose: Trail running shoes or hiking boots

How to get to the Pessons Lake?

Following CG-2 Northwest turn right just before the Tunel d'Envalira to France following the signs to Grau Roig. There is a large parking area close to the Grau Roig Andorra Boutique Hotel. Park your car there (free parking).

The Pesson Lake hike

The hike starts with a ascent following an unpaved road to the first lake. Keep left on the road. After about 1-2 kilometres along the road you arrive at the first lake Estany Primer de Pessons where there is also a restaurant. It seems however to be closed during summer.

From there you follow the path that passes by the first lake. You then pass by the lakes Estany and Estany Rodó before you arrive at Estany del Meligar, your final destination and lake.

If you are far from tired it is really nice to hike up to the Collado de Pessons which give you a lovely view of both sides of the ridge. If you decide to do that the hike will be longer than 10 kilometres.

On your way back, at first you follow the same path back. After a couple of hundred metres you can choose between hiking back on the same trail where you came from or take an alternative path to the left. Both paths end at the same point from where you will see the Grau Roig and the ski lifts again.

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