We are a Swedish family with a passion for experiences, adventures, stunning nature scenery and great food. We love going on customized round trips of our own liking passing by mountains, lakes, oceans and little villages.

From time to time we find ourselves surrounded by stunning scenery or in a village with only locals and we realize we must be Off the beaten track

After a few trips we realized that what we like the most is a mix of activities and places: hiking, a few days at the beach and a visit to a larger city where we can enjoy great food, gran designs or just stroll around feeling the vibes of the city. That´s what you get when you go on a round trip!

There are thousands of travel guides to cities and beaches but not so many about day hikes. At least not with the kind of information we need to plan a round trip. 

Through the years we have done lots of hikes during our round trips in Europe, the USA, South Africa and others. This has often taken a lot of time searching for information from different sources, like a puzzle. At the same time, it is very important to gather a lot of information since when you go on a hike, you have to be prepared, especially if you go with your kids.

We have visited a bit more than 30 countries. That is not that many if you decide to write about travelling. We think that our added value is our experience from planning round trips with the focus on activities. 

This is the website we ourselves would have loved to read some 10 years ago. Hope you will enjoy!


                                                                                           Eva, Sandra, Johannes & Kasper


I am Eva and I have always loved to spend time in nature and experiencing other cultures. One way to fulfill that curiosity is reading and travelling. So, I read and travel a lot!

During my studies at the university I spent a year in Spain and a few months in Germany and UK respectively. I also wrote my master´s thesis in economics in Tanzania.

After graduating from the university most of my working hours have been spent on reading and writing factbased text and then presenting the results of my work in reports or lectures. Writing on this website has so far been a perfect way to write factbased texts adding some amount of creativity. 

I also love to make up plans! There are so many great things to do in life. The plans I make up for travels with my family are often realized but far from always and my dear family members often have some really great ideas of their own...

The most important reason for me starting up this website, however, is that I have for a long time felt that I want to share how shifting our family´s focus to more outdoor activities has changed our lifes. It has given us a higher degree of feeling healthy, it has increased the wellbeing a lot, we have challenged our comfort zones again and again and not the least has it increased the cohesion in the family. 

If I am able inspire just one more person to try some outdoor acitivities on their holiday or leisure time that is enough reward for me starting up this website Offthebeatentrack.se with my family.


I am Sandra and I love travels and experiences. When I was 6 years old we

went on my first real hiking trip with the family. That was in Switzerland. I loved the mountains, the villages, the trains, the cheese and swimming in cold lakes at 2000 metres of altitude. It is one of my favourite memories that I will always bring with me from my childhood. It easily bet any charter trip we had been on before.

In short - I have been hiking and travelling with my family since my first foot steps. I have not always enjoyed hiking and a lot of times I have been really tired of it. But now, at nineteen years old, I am thankful for my parents pushing me to do a lot of outdoor activities. It has given me a genuine liking for sports, it has made me curious of different cultures and more open minded. It has also made me understand the importance of an active lifestyle for my wellbeing.

And that is why this website was born. My mum and I were discussing how difficult it is to find information about outdoor acitivities in different places without having to pay for a guided hike. We realised that this was a gap that we could help to fill! And we got excited by the idea that we could spread our love for travelling and influence others to try different activities during their vacations. 

I hope that this website will be a help for those searching information about their vacation destinations. My dream scenario is that Offthebeatentrack.se will give you, your family and friends a Switzerland experience of your own!


I am Johannes and I have always been interested in different cultures and meeting people from other countries. I am so glad the rest of my family turned out sharing my passion!

I am also passionated about running and eating healthy food. So, during the last years we have tried to find a running race close to where we plan to travel and we quickly realized that that brings even more to our travels. Besides experiencing new places in a different way like the small village of Font Romeau in the French Pyrenees or small wineyards in Tuscany in Italy I suddenly find myself interacting with locals that share my passion for running.

Since many years we also focus a lot on finding great restaurants on our trips. In that aspect, our main focus, besides eating healthy food, is to experience something different from what we are used to. Experimental dining is our favorite. That also gives me a lot of inspiration in my work since one of my areas of responsiblity is the development of vegetarian food.

Let´s start planning your next trip!