What´s your next Adventure?

La Tejeda, Gran Canaria, Spain

We love going on round trips combining visits in different places with adventures like hiking, skiing, kayaking experiencing stunning nature, beautiful cities, beaches, local food and hotels in a lovely mix.

On this website we share some of our best round trips in Europe, USA and South Africa including tips on day hikes, hotels and restaurants to create the perfect road trip.

There are so many lovely places to visit and all countries have their own charm. No matter where you choose to go you can probably find stunning landscapes, lovely villages and friendly people.

Maybe it is your preferences for things like food and activities or that you speek the languages that has an impact on where you choose to go. Or that you have seen some stunning photos. Perhaps some of these destinations are what you are looking for?

Tenerife is seen from a far distance since the highest mountain in Spain is on this little Canary island. 

Besides the moon-like landscape around Teide the Anaga National Park on northern Tenerife is a place to fall in love with...

Day hikes are such a great thing to add to any holiday or round trip since you can choose anything from walking up some mountain for 20 minutes to 8-10 hours of hiking.

It is sometimes difficult to find information about where to go and how to get there. Below are some of our favourites including the information you need to plan your day hike. You also find a lot more day hikes on this website on each destination.

Combining a trip with taking part in a running race or finding beautiful places to run has become an essential part of our travels. It has taken us to places we otherwise perhaps not would have visited and we have met so many lovely locals with such an energy and enthusiasm for their village and race. Most day hike destinations can also be converted into trail running "hikes".

We really hope to be able to visit a lot more places in the near future.

Some people love to make up plans and check out as many details as possible before travelling to new or more familiar places. Others don´t.

You can for sure go to a place without knowing much more than where to stay and then make up plans along the way. That can turn out really well depending on your preferences. It does not work for us. There are so many things we want to discover and we hate missing things out just because of bad planning. So to get the most out of our time and money spent we always make a rough schedule for each day when travelling. We usually stick to our plan, but sometimes we don´t. We´re on a holiday!

Anyway, unless you want to spend 2 weeks in your car just going from one place to the next, planning a round trip is a must. Also, going on a day hike in a new place definately requires some preparations when it comes to what to bring with you, how to dress and how to navigate.

Here are our best tips on how to plan a round trip, how to get the best value for money, what to bring with you and our favourite boutique hotels!